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Why does Dzemael have all the half naked slots…

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I’m not a giraffe anymore, I’M A UNICOOORN

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I glance sideways with worry about this fellow who thinks it’s ok to look a lot like me

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Fighting voidsent by moonlight
Winning Coils by daylight
Never running from a real fight
He is the one named Satisiun

Sailor Optimus Prime?!

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I may or may not

be somewhat intoxicated

and running through roulettes as such

so be prepared for an interesting bard to show up in your party

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Your story sucks
acidicangels asked

Pff fine maybe I don’t have to put you in anymore D:<

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Time for some story quests :o

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Windbite actually turned out pretty well for a freeze frame :o

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i mean, idk what’s in other summoners’ books but this is what is in mine

I usually keep doodles in my books…but this seems like something you’d find in Matty or Ferah’s books

Arty cut a hole in the pages for his flask though

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I hope no one’s done this yet.

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Oh hey that guy looks like me

I get to deal with another look alike during the storyline >:I

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Link Credit goes to Reddit in the subreddit FFXIVGlamour

For our beloved FC, Rai Shinshi. I hope he tries this one out! 


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here at the FC house we enjoy defying the laws of physics

Stop drop and rooooll man

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More bard floating BECAUSE OF REASONS