Posted 8 hours ago

Random dance party started up on Adamantoise :o

Arty and I crashed that party!

Posted 18 hours ago

I think I kinda…bugged out and decided to hold both my weapons at once

Posted 2 days ago
On a scale from 1 to Louisoix, how dead would someone be if they /slapped Kan-E-Senna?
bioandrunaway asked


is there a parameter higher than louisoix

If there is it’s probably Rishfee

that nub didn’t know how to kite to zone

Posted 3 days ago

I got a new shiiiiny tonight :O

Meh there’s no parry but it’ll last me til i get around to novus

Posted 4 days ago

Full set for new Wildwood (male) stances

plus a bonus darker shot of the Odin armor >:D

looks like the crafting/gathering jobs all get the same stance as swords

edit: now with snarky pose captions

Posted 4 days ago


I flick my sword up, back, then. Do the pose. That posey pose that. Does things. Fuckin’. Knights. Hnfngnggng,

It’s the old Elvaan battle stance :o

Posted 6 days ago
Give a man a fire and he’s warm for a day, but set fire to him and he’s warm for the rest of his life.
Bahamut, End of an Era (via bioandrunaway)
Posted 1 week ago
We have to be greater than what we suffer.
Gwen Stacy, The Amazing Spiderman 2
Posted 1 week ago


Mr Face the Gentleman

Posted 1 week ago

Fun with ice at the Syrcus!

….yeah turns out you freeze in whatever stance you were with the ice block too. Had me poking half out of it with snap punch xD

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But wait a second though….

Considering they’re 16…

And considering how tall Elezen are…


Elezen have instars, much like some insects.

They have yet to molt into their adult forms.

…does that mean louisoix might have left a molting in carteneau? Reaching the ultimate stage of grandpa before casting teleport? o.o

Posted 1 week ago


Nah but really. Thanks for everything, Louie, you made it possible for me to make these jokes. You’re a great man.

But next time don’t stand in the AOE you fuckin’ noob.

Posted 1 week ago

What tree makes for the best firewood?


The Leveilleur family tree.

Posted 1 week ago


"Man, why does this Elezen in my party look so weird?"

"Oh wait, they’re a Roegadyn."

confused a rhino for a giraffe? come on Matty get it together!

Posted 1 week ago

North shroud…where does this lead…?